How the Iskra Community Tier System Works

The more you participate in Iskra’s community, the more you can be rewarded. Read on for the latest details on our unique Community ranking system that is designed to yield better outcomes for everyone. 

Iskra operates a community ranking system to make sure all participating community members are rewarded . Your rank depends on how many CPs (contribution points) you’ve racked up. Based on that number, you get categorized into one of five Tiers. Here’s how the Tiers shake out:

  • Diamond: in the top 0.02% or 1,000 users, whichever is smaller of total CPs accrued in the previous session
  • Gold: in the top 0.22% or 10,000 users, whichever is smaller of the total CPs accrued in the previous season
  • Silver: in the top 2.22% or 100,000 users, whichever is smaller of the total CPs accrued in the previous season
  • Bronze: in the top 22.22% or 1,000,000 users whichever is smaller of total CPs accrued in the previous season
  • Iron: all users who have more than 1 CP

The higher your Tier level is, the more benefits you can enjoy. For example, tokens reserved in a community reward pool will be airdropped after being held for a certain period of time. Each Tier is distributed with the same portion from the community reward pool,  and since there are fewer members in higher Tiers, members  of the higher Tiers are always guaranteed a higher reward.

When it comes to participating in the development of projects on our Launchpad, a Diamond Tier user will have a higher allocation  cap than Gold, but Gold will have a higher cap than Silver, and so on. If you’re participating in the NFT Primary Market, a higher Tier user has a better chance of whitelisting (A.K.A. getting early and guaranteed access to mint).

A Tier is valid for one season before resetting at the beginning of the next season, and it’s your previous season’s CP balance that determines your standing in the current season. The community tier is calculated every 6 months based on the performance of the previous 6 months.

StakingPioneer NFT or operating a network node is one of the best ways to participate and be recognized in the Community Tier system.  Similarly, staking ISK tokens is one of the easiest ways to participate in governance and earn rewards, but it also helps increase your ranking.  

User contribution points can be calculated by “the number of Pioneer NFTs staked or Operated + the number of ISK Tokens staked in the Governance Staking”.  For example: 

  • User A has staked or been operating node with 3 Pioneer NFTs and staked 10 ISK tokens
    • 60,000 CP for each Pioneer NFT
    • 1 CP for 1 ISK token staked
    • 60,000 x 3 + 10 x 1 = 180,010 CP
  • Once the contribution points of all the user wallets have been calculated, the CP ranking of the wallets will be set from the 1st to the last number.
  • The community tier will be set accordingly.   For instance, Assuming that there are 5 million eligible users, the top 1,000(0.02%) members will be ranked in the Diamond and the next 10,000(0.2%) will be in Gold.
  • After a 20% burn, 80% of all the profits generated by all services in the Iskra ecosystem (Bridge, Dex, Marketplace, Stable Swap, Launchpad, Wallet) are paid to the community.
    • Since the remaining 20% of the profits are used to purchase and burn ISK Tokens, it can be understood that up to 100% of the profits are used to boost the value of the community.
  • The higher the tier, the more community rewards as well as NFTs and tokens participants will receive from individual games.
  • Scholarship also allows you to earn additional revenue through NFT rentals and more.

Iskra also aims to encourage user engagement by providing a substantial incentive for those highly engaged users in the community by offering ‘tier boosting tickets’ depending on the level of engagement.  Active users will be entitled to claim a Tier-Up Ticket on a daily basis. Every day you log in to the platform, you can make a request for a Tier-Up Ticket so a random (and free) Tier-Up Ticket drops to you. If your ticket is a winner, you immediately move on up to the next community tier.  The upgraded tier  lasts until the end of each season.  

In a Nutshell

Iskra’s engaged community are all rewarded based on their contribution to the platform. CPs (contribution points) are distributed transparently and raise your community rank, helping you climb the community Tiers of Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. The higher the rank and Tier, the greater the rewards. 

It takes a village. Let’s do this thing.

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