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Iskra Launches Daily Lucky Spin With Daily Rewards

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for Iskra, with several exciting releases, developments, and game launches lined up for the months ahead. After rolling out our Governance Staking, opening the Iskra Market, hosting the 3KM INO, and dropping our Platform Decentralization Plan earlier this month, we’re excited to share that we will be launching a new platform feature called “Daily Lucky Spin”.

Scheduled to go live on January 26, 2023 at 6:00 UTC, the Daily Lucky Spin allows Iskra users to spin the rewards roulette once every 24 hours and win daily prizes, including Mission Cards that they can collect, complete, and exchange for more exciting rewards.

Aside from Mission Cards, users can also win ISK tokens and contribution points (CP) from the Daily Lucky Spin.

With your ISK tokens, you can join Iskra’s Governance Staking and get governance rights + ISK rewards, which you can read all about in our article here. You can also use ISK to buy NFTs on the Iskra Market.

Meanwhile, your Contribution Points (CP) will be the basis of your tier ranking in Iskra’s Community Tier System and the corresponding rewards you’ll be entitled to receive once the feature is rolled out. You can also use your CP to gain access to exclusive platform services once they become available, such as participating in our upcoming Launchpad. 

There are several ways that you can earn CPs like when you use Iskra’s platform services including staking, bridge, or Market, but they all have their corresponding transaction fees. With Daily Lucky Spin, you can earn CP every day easily and for FREE.

What are Mission Cards?

Mission Cards are prizes that you can win from the Daily Lucky Spin, and each one is part of a set. Complete a set and you’re on your way to winning eveN cooler prizes, such as NFT from a game we’re releasing or game tokens.

Here’s the thing to keep in mind though – the Mission Card collectible set that you need to complete varies per round, thus you need to complete a set as quickly as you can (remember to spin daily!) to be eligible for the set prizes for that round.

Another thing to remember is that only the first 100 users to complete a set will receive both NFT + game tokens prizes, while those who complete a set after the first 100 users during the same round will get only get game token rewards.

By spinning the rewards roulette everyday, you increase your chance of completing a set faster, so if you want to win both the NFT prize and the token rewards, make sure to set your daily alarm because the Daily Lucky Spin resets every day at 00:00 UTC. 

Mission Cards: 3 Kingdoms Multiverse

As the first game in our lineup and after conducting its initial NFT offering (INO) earlier this month, we’re thrilled to share that our FIRST Mission Cards collectible set and prizes will be from 3 Kingdoms Multiverse. 

Stand a chance to win a 3KM Mystery Box, currently valued at $200, plus 100 3KM tokens, if you’re among the first 100 users to complete a set. You can also win 100 3KM tokens if you complete a set after the first 100 users to do so.

If you didn’t make it to the first 100, but you really want to get your hands on a 3KM Mystery Box, no worries – there will be two (2) rounds under Mission Cards: 3 Kingdoms Multiverse to give everyone a fair shot.

However, the Mission Card collectible set that you’ll need to complete changes per round, so make sure to get your daily spin on (and maybe bust out those lucky charms) to up your chances of completing them sooner.

Here are the mechanics:

First Round

Redemption is now ongoing for completed Round 1 Mission Card sets. Learn more.

Note: Details are subject to change without prior notice.

Second Round

Note: Details are subject to change without prior notice.

Redeeming a Completed Mission Cards Set

Read our walkthrough on how you can redeem your complete set of Mission Cards here.

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