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A Deep Dive Into Iskra’s 2023 Roadmap

Hey explorers! Our first Community AMA held on Discord last month was one for the books. We had one of our highest turnouts as Iskra CEO Eugene Lee reflected on how the previous year has been for Iskra and laid out its detailed roadmap for 2023.

2022 – Building Iskra’s Foundation

It’s incredible to see how far Iskra has gone since it was launched early last year – a year of building its foundation and developing its core services as a Web3 gaming platform. 

We’ve successfully secured $40 million in seed funding from investors who share Iskra’s vision of a community-driven Web3 gaming ecosystem designed for both developers and gamers. 

In the same year, we’ve also grown from a 3-person group to a 70-person global team of dedicated Web3 and gaming enthusiasts coming from Singapore, South Korea, United States, Vietnam, Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, and other locations.

We launched the Pioneer NFTs (P-NFTs) soon after and released our native ISK tokens to incentivize participation in our platform’s token economy, as well as rolled out the Iskra portal and wallet and the Ethereum-Klaytn bridge.

To cap off the year, we got listed on several platforms including, Uniswap, and Pangeaswap.

2023 What’s Up Ahead

For 2023, we plan to upgrade our platform and expand our business operations to its full potential. We’ve started the year with several feature launches that have not only significantly increased our user base, but have also made it possible for Iskra to set record-breaking milestones in the first quarter. 

DappRadar Listing

In fact, we’ve gained 120,000 subscribers and 100,000 wallet users, in addition to 15,000 daily active users resulting in as high as 66,000 monthly active users in January alone.

This was followed by our DappRadar listing in February, where Iskra climbed as high as Top 9 and Top 22 in both the game and overall dApp rankings – and currently sitting at the 14th spot in the game category.

New Games to Watch Out

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We’ve recently signed a contract with World of Win, a social casino game, which we are targeting to start closed beta testing (CBT)  launch in the second quarter of this year, along with Norma in Metaland, a Web3 casual cooking game developed by Grampus, and ClashMon: Ignition, a turn-based RPG game developed by Iskra’s in-house game team.

We look forward to continuing this strong and exciting start with our 2023 Roadmap, where our major milestones aim to establish Iskra as the go-to Web3 global gaming platform for gamers and developers and set into motion our community-driven platform decentralization plan.

For this year, we have four (4) main goals that focus on multi-chain support, governance system, community tiers, and launchpad. 

Gearing for Seamless Multi-Chain Support

We understand how important it is for users to be able to utilize the assets they already have regardless of the chain that these assets and the games they are playing are on.

This is why we are working hard to be able to offer a seamless multi-chain support and exploring opportunities that will allow our partner studios to launch their projects on the chain that is most suitable for their games, whether that’s Klaytn, BNB Chain, Polygon, or others. 

Community Governance System to Advance Token Economy

The Iskra platform is designed to ultimately achieve complete decentralization. As our community grows, so will our platform in achieving a higher level of decentralization – one where our own community is empowered to lead key decisions regarding its ecosystem governance. 

Iskra recognizes the crucial role that the community plays in the growth of the whole ecosystem, and we’ve made it a part of our tokenomics to give our users the power to set the path ahead of us through governance participation.

With our Governance Staking launched on January 11, 2023, Iskra users can now stake their ISK tokens and acquire sISK that represents their governance rights. With the governance rights that they have, users can  propose and vote on Iskra’s platform operation policies once our community voting feature is opened. 

Upcoming Community Tier System

Another notable milestone that Iskra is working to achieve this year is the launch of the Community Tier System that will provide real value behind every user’s contribution points, also known as CPs.

The community tier that a user belongs to will be determined via on-chain analysis based on factors such as economic contributions made by purchasing P-NFTs, staking ISKs, or contributing to the platform itself by playing games and using Iskra’s different platform services.

Upcoming Iskra Launchpad 

The Iskra Launchpad serves as the debut stage for games to join the Iskra platform, where tokens for all Web3 games will first be introduced to the community. 

Notably, the Iskra Launchpad stands out as the first launchpad service in the Web3 ecosystem to offer vertical features, which will be disclosed in due time. 

A helpful tip to keep in mind is to accumulate a significant amount of CP and achieve a high community tier to qualify for purchasing game tokens through the Launchpad during its initial release. Therefore, it is recommended to gather as much CP as possible before the unveiling of Iskra Launchpad.

In addition to these four main goals, we are also setting our sights on three (3) key business areas this year, including launching multiple games, establishing the Iskra Game Fund, and listing on more exchanges.

Multiple Games in the Pipeline

As a Web3 gaming platform, Iskra aims to launch 10 games this year, starting with the first game that is expected to be out in March. We also plan on diversifying our game lineup with fun, indie games that we hope to work on in the second half of the year.

$20-Million Iskra Game Fund

We are currently working on our plan to establish a $20-Million Iskra Game Fund so we can offer a richer, more diverse, and stronger game lineup as a Web3 gaming platform. At present, we are in the final stages of the legal and financial review of the corporate structure and hope to get the fund up and running by March.

Additional ISK Listings

We are working on making Iskra’s native token ISK to be available on more platforms and are in talks with various exchanges for potential listing. In addition to making ISK more accessible, additional ISK listings will also help increase its circulating market cap and transaction volume. 

By building on the foundational platform services that we developed in 2022, we hope to put out tangible and measurable results this 2023. 


Additional Q&As

How can you make P-NFTs more valuable and increase its sales? 

One of the biggest obstacles of P-NFT adoption is the current crypto market situation and the uncertainty around the locked ISK tokens. We strive to advance the token economy through our governance voting system to mitigate this, and the first measure we are considering is making a change to the locked tokens that P-NFT holders received. 

Among the things we are considering to advance the system that can positively impact our token economy is enabling the purchase of additional P-NFTs using locked tokens or burning half of the tokens generated from the P-NFT after one and a half year has passed since the P-NFT purchase, while unlocking the remaining ISKs. These updates will be finalized after discussion with our key holders in the community and governance voting before implementation.

We also plan to launch the Community Tier System to create economic value for CPs and increase the value of P-NFTs, which is the most effective way of receiving the most number of CPs. 

P-NFT sales via B2B are also going smoothly despite the delay caused by the FTX incident, with tangible results expected in the first half of this year. We also plan to talk to more than 100 overseas VCs and game companies to increase B2B sales. 

What is Iskra’s position on potential regulatory impacts? 

Iskra has been proactively preparing for compliance since the inception of our company. We have received legal opinions for BVI and Korea regarding regulatory impacts, and we are closely monitoring the changes in several key countries for any further regulatory developments. We are preparing to acquire a license to ensure we can operate our business as stable as possible.

What are we hoping to achieve in 2023 for games? 

We are exploring games that are genuinely fun while equipping them with the capacity to work in this new Web3 environment. We are also doing our best to launch Web3 games across various genres, including RPG, puzzle, cooking, social casino, hack and slash, and more.  Lastly, we are constantly refining our marketing strategies and searching for the right game genres that resonate with users based on the data we’ve gathered.

About Iskra

Iskra is a single-destination Web3 game platform for developers and players that rewards them for their contribution and participation through a unique community system on the blockchain. This allows stakeholders to take a major part in building the platform for future growth.

Current services include a wallet, DEX, marketplace, NFT Mission Card (daily reward), governance staking and voting, and soon-to-launch Web3 casual and hyper-casual games.

Backed by some of the biggest technology and video game companies in South Korea, Iskra ranks in the top categories for gaming in Dapp Radar for unique active wallets per day and engagement.

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