Iskra’s Community-Led Governance and Tier System

Anyone who participates in Iskra Platform can be a member of the community and earn rewards in proportion to their contribution. The more you contribute to our community, the higher tier you achieve. ✅ More token airdrops from community reward pool ✅ More airdrops of game assets ✅ Higher allocation cap in launchpad projects ✅ … More Iskra’s Community-Led Governance and Tier System

Iskra Tokenomics

Iskra is reinventing game publishing and play-to-earn rewards by connecting game devs directly with gamers in a vibrant Web3 community. Iskra wields a previously unrealized combination of cutting-edge blockchain tech and seamless services, giving game studios easy access to a turn-key solution for creating crypto games with rich token economies that make gameplay enjoyable and … More Iskra Tokenomics