What is Iskra?

Welcome to #TheFutureOfPlay

Everyone has a take on whether crypto gaming is or should be the future of play. But in what non-dystopian world is this possible, you ask? Excellent question. Keep scrolling for the answer.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (no judgment if that’s your thing, probably a great way to dodge high rent prices), you’ve heard buzzwords like “blockchain” and “cryptocurrency.” Maybe you’ve even heard how some companies have been trying to apply those technologies to video games. But here’s the thing…Nobody has figured out how to do it in a way that makes it enjoyable and financially lucrative for players, as well as a smooth process and smart business decision for game studios.

Until now.

Before we go into detail about how groundbreaking Iskra is for gamers and game developers alike, let’s cover some basics of crypto gaming and gaming on blockchain to make sure you’re pickin’ up what we’re layin’ down here.


Blockchain games give gamers ownership and control over their in-game assets and allow them to trade these assets outside the game. Yep, you read that right. You can gain real financial rewards by playing video games. With the creation of NFTs and blockchain technology, users can earn stuff in a game (e.g., floating gold coins) which they can then sell on marketplaces for cryptocurrency that can buy real things (e.g., legit gold coins). Feel free to email a teacher/relative/friend who told you video games are a waste of time. This is your moment.

Game developers obviously want to get into this space, given how appealing this can be to their existing audience. However, it’s tricky to seamlessly integrate the technology into their games because there are a boatload of different blockchains, exchanges and crypto wallets. If only there was a decentralized platform where game studios could raise funding/attract early users for a blockchain game project AND gamers could have a governing role while earning as they play…

*Iskra has entered the chat*


Iskra means “spark” or “flame” in several Slavic languages. Fitting, because we’re about to ignite the future of crypto gaming.

Iskra is a Web3 game platform where you can seamlessly navigate through blockchain services and easily start playing crypto games, but that’s just scratching the surface. More importantly, Iskra is also a vibrant community of gamers, developers and investors that believe the future of entertainment is gaming on blockchain. That’s why we’re leading the charge to mold this next evolution in the video game industry by bringing individuals and organizations together to sit on the same side of the table for the first time. In the past, game publishers and platforms would try to squeeze as much money out of gamers as they could. Gamers got content. Everyone else got paid. It was a one-way street.

Iskra is trying to change that.

By redefining the game publishing model, the market will no longer be a zero-sum game. Players, developers, and investors will all get a piece of the pie, because up to 100% of all the value generated by the platform (from fees, royalties, secondary sales, etc.) goes into a Community Rewards Pool that is given back to the community based on their participation. Everybody gets rewards based on their community ranking. Some community members will even get governing votes on key decisions such as the launch of new games, fee pricing and new services.

And thanks to our deeply thought out Tokenomics (“Token” + “economics,” sorry Cheech & Chong), we will prevent the pump-and-dump mindset and encourage community members to continue staking their rewards. Our highly incentivized lockups allow for only one logical perspective: Staking with a long-term mindset is waaay more attractive than trying to cash out quickly.


Players get access to more than just the next generation of Web3 games on Iskra, which in itself is pretty cool. Iskra is tapping into the best game dev talent on the planet to craft top-quality gaming experiences while also providing an ecosystem that allows players to own their in-game assets and get compensated for their participation in the community. Whenever a player uses the services of the blockchain, does swaps or trades, buys NFTs, or is really skilled at a particular game to a point they’re able to convert game tokens (weapons, skins, DLCs, etc.) into Iskra’s $ISK token, that player increases their rank in the community and subsequently earns more rewards back.

Imagine you want to play a game on Iskra’s platform and you’re new to the community. You’re not even crypto gaming savvy, but you want to see what all the fuss is about. So you buy a small amount of Isrka’s stablecoin (crypto without price volatility), $iUSD, with your credit card. Then you use that $iUSD to buy an in-game item. In the old industry model, that would be the end of the line for your cash. Press F to Pay Respects.

With Iskra, you can unlock and enjoy stuff like skins or other in-game items, which you then turn around and sell as an NFT on Iskra’s marketplace to another player. Nice! Now you have your $20 back (as $iUSD). This time you use it to buy a DLC for another game. Once you finish the DLC, you sell it on the marketplace as an NFT and boom, you’ve got your $20 back (as $iUSD).

Or you could go the other way with your $iUSD or $ISK by staking it in Iskra. The more you stake, the higher your Iskra rank is. The higher your Iskra rank is, the more likely you are to get NFT drops or a piece of the overall money being earned by the Iskra platform collectively. Either way you’re getting bang for your buck on a scale not previously seen in the video game world as we know knew it. Heck, you can even turn a sizable profit.

Once you rack up enough $iUSD or $ISK, you can become the owner and operator of a network node by buying a Pioneer NFT (limited availability). That’s when the dough can really start rolling in, because owners of Pioneer NFTs get a larger cut of that sweet Community Rewards Pool, where all the platform fees, royalties, etc. end up.

Pioneer NFTs allow you to operate a network node, which means that you help the ISKRA chain operate and function. This also means that you will get 40% of all ISK tokens ever distributed (split among all Pioneer NFT.) Are you starting to see what Iskra can make possible?

And since gameplay matters to us, we’re making damn sure that a fun gaming experience is a priority so that no matter what you play or why you play, you have a good time doing it. If you’re thinking of existing blockchain games out there that are such a grueling grind they feel like a bleak office job… Yeah, that ain’t us. Our game acquisition strategy boils down to two key things::

1.) We find game developers with a track record in building and servicing games that are enjoyable and well-balanced.

2.) We determine how well the mechanics and systems can be tokenized, and how sustainable it can be.

If we can tick those two boxes, we’re in business.


A game developer will not have to permanently sacrifice 30% of their sales to a generic app store or popular gaming platform that rhymes with “shmeem.” They can go to Iskra, where they will be charged a smaller fee up front, then eventually get a share of those same fees from other developers when they end up in the Community Rewards Pool to be redistributed based on their participation (staking, running network nodes, etc.) The potential earnings for a developer is only limited by its own participation in growing and sustaining the community.

On top of that, studios interested in gaming on blockchain and crypto gaming can enjoy Iskra’s turn-key solution for blockchain services, allowing them to focus on making amazing games.


While gamers and game developers are the most recognizable stakeholders in the Iskra gaming community platform, but there’s always room for investors to play their own role in the community as well. Opportunities range from buying Pioneer NFTs to staking to being part of a community ranking system that provides rewards in game tokens and game assets (various NFTs). Investors will particularly take a shine to Iskra’s unique ecosystem, such as our previously mentioned lock-up incentives, sensible earning mechanisms and long-term view that promotes sustainable value creation.


We’re creating new opportunities for players, game developers, and investors. We’re making best-in-class gaming experiences. And we’re giving every user a real stake in Iskra’s success.

Get ready for it.

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