How to Create an Iskra Wallet

🚀Iskra Wallet – your passport to our community🚀

Iskra Wallet is a repository in which you stash your digital assets. It’s the gateway for exploring and interacting with all games and services within our ecosystem.

Only 2 simple steps to unlock your gateway toward ISKRA world:
1️⃣ Sign up for ISKRA Platform at:
2️⃣ Create an ISKRA Wallet

🤩It also enables you to access all services on our platform in just one place.

⚠️FYI, your Contribution Points (CPs) will be tallied based on your Wallet activities, which will in turn decide your community tier and rewards. So, make sure you own one!

👉 If you need a full guideline on how to create an ISKRA Wallet, let’s watch our video!

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