Iskra partners with HDLABS to launch Three Kingdoms Multiverse, where Turn-based RPG and 3KM token meet

Staking governance tokens creates an ecosystem of fair distribution
with NFT generation authority.

Iskra has officially started a partnership with HDLABS to develop Three Kingdoms Multiverse (3KM), where players can enjoy the story of the Three Kingdoms with fun gameplays as well as earn game tokens and NFTs. 3KM is scheduled to launch in 4Q of 2022.

HDLABS is specialized in blockchain services, making various attempts to incorporate NFTs and P2E models into various games. It is working on transforming about 30 game titles, both its own lineup and partners’ games, into the blockchain version. HDLABS has an excellent understanding of blockchain and token economy, having entered the P2E game market as part of its blockchain business development. It also has business know-how through its Move to Earn (M2E) project Stepwatch and the listing of its token SWP.

Originally developed as Infinite Challenge by NUSOFT and reincarnated by HDLABS, Three Kingdoms Multiverse (3KM) is a turn-based roleplaying game (RPG) with the story based on the well-known legend of the Three Kingdoms period. Players can enjoy extensive storyline with fantasy elements, fun combat systems with various PvE and PvP contents including mission mode, one-on-one battles, and siege wars, and territory raiding and defending system, with a large collection of generals with different playstyles.

In addition to gameplay and rich storyline, Three Kingdoms Multiverse is a Play and Earn (P&E) game operated with NFT and blockchain. While players enjoy the game, they can collect 3KM governance token, NFT Orbs that is used to make NFTs, DTC utility token that can be mined and used for buying in-game items and upgrades, and also Gems commonly used for buying in-game and Lucky Draw (Gacha) for generals and equipment. 

Get ready to join the league of NTF minters by staking your governance tokens. Staking 3KM governance tokens can earn you NFT Orbs that can be used to generate NFTs, turning non-NFT generals into NFT generals (which can generate DTC utility tokens used for buying in-game items) and turning non-NFT equipments into tradable NFT equipments with exclusive features or selling NFTs on the Marketplace for profits and earning other in-game assets while at it. The whole ecosystem of NFT minting is kept in check through a refined system of staking and governance and there is no need to worry about NFT hyperinflation since the number of 3KM governance tokens is limited. This means 3KM governance tokens are extremely valuable and staking these tokens can become highly profitable.

In addition, HDLABS adopts a multi-staking pool system among multiple games, for example, 3KM governance token for Three Kingdoms Multiverse. In the future, this is expected to serve as a reasonable token distribution system based on success of each game and promote healthy competition between games. As more and more games like Three Kingdoms Multiverse become successful, their government tokens like 3KM will gain value too. Plus, as the size of staked assets grows, game developers will be supported by higher returns.

This partnership brings Iskra’s full game line up to four confirmed titles by highly experienced studios: 1) Grampus’ popular restaurant simulation game “Cooking Adventure”, 2) Rich Alien’s 3-match puzzle “Cascade Kings”, 3) HDLABS’ Three Kingdoms Multiverse (3KM), and 4) Iskra’s in-house title “Klaymon”, a collectible RPG. More announcements for new games and partners are anticipated by the end of 2022.

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