Iskra Platform Update: December 2022

As Iskra wraps up an exciting year and we continue to move forward in our roadmap, we are pleased to share these platform updates that go live today, December 15, 2022 (Thursday). Here are the highlights:

Update #1: ISK Is Now Available on Uniswap

ISK is the governance token of Iskra, and we are proud to share that it is now available to swap at the best rates on Uniswap

Considered as the biggest decentralized exchange (DEX) in the world, Uniswap allows decentralized trading of ERC-20 tokens that’s safe, accessible, and efficient by leveraging its own automated market maker (AMM) protocol to ensure liquidity on the platform.

Update #2: Swap ISK to KLAY With Zero Gas Fee

We’re proud to share that you can now swap ISK to KLAY with zero gas fee using your Iskra wallet. 

A gas fee is a blockchain transaction fee that is paid by platform users when they use its service (such as trading) to network validators for keeping a blockchain running.

With no gas fee required when trading ISK to KLAY, our users don’t have to worry about maintaining a KLAY balance when performing transactions on the Klaytn mainnet, such as purchasing a Pioneer NFT. 

Update #3: DEX Access With No Login or Registration Required

With our latest platform update, you can now experience the Iskra DEX even if you haven’t logged in or have not signed up on the platform yet. 

This way, you can check out what you can do on the platform and the features available that you can use once you register.

To learn more about the Iskra platform, our DEX, and how we are shaping the future of play, please visit

About Iskra

Iskra offers a premier destination for players and game developers to explore the thrill and opportunity of Web3 gaming alongside a vibrant community.

As part of its mission, Iskra aims to mold a Web3 future by creating a forward-thinking dedicated home for Web3 gaming and giving every user a stake in the company’s success. It is committed to becoming a leading platform for blockchain gaming.

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