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How to Play and Win From Iskra’s Daily Lucky Spin

GM explorers! We’re beyond excited to roll out the Daily Lucky Spin, which will allow Iskra users to win daily rewards. These include Mission Cards that you can collect, complete, and exchange for more exciting rewards (or even trade!), as well as ISK tokens and contribution points (CP). You can read more about the prizes here.

In this article, we will walk you through the things that you need to navigate the Daily Lucky Spin.

Spinning the Wheel

  1. Go to and sign in if you already have an Iskra account + wallet. Otherwise, please click ‘Sign Up’ to create an account and proceed to create your Iskra wallet right after.
  2. Click ‘Play’ and select ‘Daily Lucky Spin’.
  3. Once you’re on the roulette page, click ‘Start’ to spin the wheel.

Checking Your Prize

Your daily spin will reset at 00:00 UTC. Here’s how you can check what you won depending on the prize type:

Redeeming a Completed Mission Card Set

Redemption will become available on the Reward Page in early March (exact dates to be announced later), so stay tuned for our future announcement on when and how you can redeem your prize for completing a set of Mission Cards.

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