How to Redeem a Complete Mission Card Set

Are you one of the lucky Iskra users who got their hands on an Iskra Joker Card and completed the Mission Card set for Round 1? 

If so, congratulations – you can redeem your completed sets and exchange them for even more exciting rewards depending on your Iskra Joker Card number. Here’s how:

  1. Sign in and go to the Daily Lucky Spin page.
  2. Click the “Redemption” tab.
  3. Click the “Claim” button to redeem.

The redemption period for Mission Card Round 1 starts on February 23, 2023 at 06:00 UTC (15:00 KST) and ends on March 31, 2023, so make sure to redeem within this period to claim your prize. 

You can look forward to a more straightforward process for Round 2 without any waiting time as you can redeem anytime as soon as you complete a set.

For Round 1 sets completed using:

  • Iskra Joker Card #1 to #100 – you can redeem it for a 3KM Mystery Box NFT (worth $200) 🎁 plus 100 3KM game tokens 💰.
  • Iskra Joker Card #101 to #200 – you can redeem it for 100 3KM game tokens 💰.

Please ensure that you have sufficient KLAY on your Iskra wallet to cover the transaction fee when you redeem.

Upon redemption, your completed Mission Card set will no longer be available on your wallet as it will be exchanged for the corresponding prize (3KM Mystery Box NFT and/or 3KM game tokens) and the process is final.

Here are some other important reminders about Mission Cards to keep in mind:

Mission Cards – A Mission Card is a collectible reward that you can win from the Daily Lucky Spin. They are part of a set that, once completed, will entitle the owner to redeem for even more exciting rewards, such as game NFTs and tokens.

Mission Card Round – The Mission Card set that you need to complete is different every round, and they will only be available on the Daily Lucky Spin for a limited time. If you want to complete a set, make sure to do the Daily Lucky Spin everyday to increase your chances of winning each of the four Mission Cards and the elusive Iskra Joker Card.

Iskra Joker Card – While Iskra Joker Cards are needed in every round to complete a set, they are specific to a particular round. This means you cannot use the Iskra Joker Card that you won in Round 1 to complete a Mission Card set in Round 2 and vice versa.

Mission Card Prize – Every Iskra Joker Card has a corresponding number that determines what prize you’re entitled to redeem for completing a set. Thus, completing a Mission Card set using an Iskra Joker Card numbered 1 to 100 may entitle the user to a different reward compared to completing a set using an Iskra Joker Card numbered 101 to 200.

Round 2 of our Mission Card quest will start on March 1, 2023 (00:00 UTC), so make sure to follow us on Twitter at so you won’t miss any of our exciting announcements.

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