Norma in Metaland Development Blog #1: Let’s Get Cooking

The Web3 gaming space remarkably took off in 2022 with several play-to-earn (P2E) games making waves and grabbing mainstream headlines. It was a very exciting time and everything looked promising. 

Unfortunately, in hindsight, it looked like the Web3 gaming rocket ran out of fuel shortly right after it took off.

The issue can be attributed to the fact that many play-to-earn games have a high barrier to entry. This means the game requires some form of investment first before anyone can start playing it, such as owning one of its in-game NFTs. 

In fact, the games themselves were designed with investment tokenomics in mind, requiring blockchain interaction to be built into their core gameplay mechanics, which undeniably can disrupt the user experience.

On the bright side of things, game models continuously evolve to adapt to players’ needs – and this is where Iskra comes into the picture. 

We plan to take Web3 games to the next level, and we are beyond excited to finally start sharing details about one of our upcoming games – Norma in Metaland: Cooking Adventure!

Iskra and GRAMPUS CWC have teamed up to bring Norma in Metaland, the first FREE-to-play casual cooking game designed for Web3 and guaranteed to test your cooking skills while you build your own restaurant empire.

GRAMPUS CWC, a Singaporean company that inherited the game IP and know-how from Korean game developer Grampus, has already built its name as the force behind the widely successful mobile game app, Cooking Adventure, and looks forward to bringing the same fun and casual gaming experience to the Web3 space. 

Here’s a quick rundown of behind-the-scenes insights from GRAMPUS CWC themselves on what led them to create Norma in Metaland after the success of Cooking Adventure:

Cooking Adventure is among the top 20 mobile cooking simulation games around the world. It is enjoyed by 25 million players (and growing!) because it provides players with a variety of entertainment plus incentives through hundreds of cooking recipes and desserts, know-how, and stability accumulated over seven years of service and collaboration with various F&B partners. 

What hooks people to Cooking Adventure and makes the game competitive can be summed up in the following:

  • It’s fun! As a cooking simulation game, Cooking Adventure allows players to cook hundreds of specialty recipes while going through more than 50 restaurants, including BBQ restaurants, pasta restaurants, and Mexican restaurants.
  • It leverages a “tycoon game” progression mechanism to efficiently upgrade cooking utensils, restaurant interiors, etc. by giving players the ability to reinvest restaurant sales to meet customers’ increasing demands.
  • It has an interactive main character that lets players enjoy the benefits and challenges of improving Chef Norma’s cooking skills, opening new restaurants, and putting on different costumes to help her in her quest to become the best chef.

By launching the Norma in Metaland project that introduces Web3 technology and functions into the  Cooking Adventure game, we took into consideration and looked at how the decentralized and community-oriented paradigm of Web3 can expand the gameplay experience.

While it is too early to reveal anything specific, we plan to gradually introduce content that’s aimed to build a Web3-oriented ecosystem in Norma in Metaland that will take it beyond a simple P2E game. 

Here are some of the things to look forward to in Norma in Metaland:

  • Various in-game buff benefits using Norma in Metaland NFTs and those from affiliate partners aka Friends NFTs (of course, players can enjoy the game with or without NFTs)
  • Incentives for players to fully enjoy the game, such as interactive game play and immersive mission accomplishment, etc.
  • Numerous ranking competitions to play and compete with players from around the world using World Chef Championship (WCC) content and win rewards
  • Simulated investment experience in selecting restaurants that will serve as the stage for WCC via voting or obtaining additional rewards depending on the degree of success of WCC
  • Building a Web3 ecosystem with global F&B partners around $GRAM, Norma in Metaland’s governance token

The fact that many people are looking forward to the launch of Norma in Metaland is very exciting for us in the development team. 

While we may have to adjust the following timeline depending on several factors, here’s the initial Norma in Metaland roadmap that we’re working on and want to share with everyone:

  • April 2023 – First closed-beta test (CBT)
  • May 2023 – NFT mining and second CBT
  • June 2023 – Game launch

That’s it explorers! Make sure to follow Iskra on Discord and Twitter for the latest news about our upcoming game releases. 

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