3KM Burning Event

Hello 3KM adventurers! It’s time to sharpen your weapons and polish your gears for this special in-game event! Slay your foes to level up your heroes and gears.

Haven’t tried 3KM yet? Start playing now because there’s never been a better time to start than.this.moment and explore the colorful and exciting world of 3 Kingdoms Multiverse like never before. 

🔥 Medal Drop x2 Burning Event

Duration: June 1st — June 15th

Random DTC Medals will drop upon clearing chapter stages. By staking these medals in the 3KM Marketplace, you can mine DTC tokens.

🔥 Daily 1,500 GEM Airdrop Attendance Event

Duration: June 1st — June 15th

GEMs will be delivered to your mailbox upon logging in. This event aims to provide new users with the opportunity to cultivate 3KM heroes without capital, experience medal drops, and explore medal drop staking.

🔥 NFT Orb Airdrop

Duration: June 1st — June 30th

Receive 1 NFT Orb Airdrop every Thursday (once a week, delivered on Fridays). NFT Orbs will be tradable in the 3KM Marketplace.

🔥 DTC Airdrop worth 3 USDT Upon Reaching 5th Level in 3KM

Duration: June 1st — June 15th

Limited to 2,000 participants, receive a DTC Airdrop worth 3 USDT upon reaching the 5th Level in 3KM. Airdrop application is only possible by completing the Google Form here (nickname, wallet address, in-game level screenshot).

Visit 3KM’s Twitter page to get the latest event updates!

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