WOW P2E Tournament Games Beta

World of Win’s Whack-a-Piggy and Rock-Paper-Scissors games are now available to play on beta mode, and tournament players can start earning WOW tokens today! 

The very first play during the beta period is completely FREE with no diamonds or WOW Piggy Bank NFTs required. The beta period will end on June 20th 2023 (15:00 UTC), and when the official version of the tournament launches on June 29th, the P2E tournament games will be available to the Piggy Bank NFT holders exclusively.

WOW Piggy Bank NFTs range from $5-$10 each and provide bonuses for the Slots plays. Diamonds can be earned by spinning the Diamond Wheel using WOW tokens or 1 oUSDT (temporarily), by leveling up through slot plays, or by referring friends.


  • Whack as many piggies as you can to earn the highest score to win.
  • You can play a total of 100 rounds during the Beta period.
  • Your first play is FREE. After that, it costs 50 diamonds to play a round.
  • Tournament round refreshes every 3 hours (2.5 hours + 30 minutes cooldown period).


  • Rack up scores by winning in rock paper scissors matches. You start with 3 coins (lives) and can earn bonus coins based on the multiplier spin. However, the game ends once your coins are out.
  • You can play a total of 50 rounds during the Beta period.
  • Your first play is FREE. After that, it costs 100 Diamonds to play a round.
  • Tournament round refreshes every 6 hours (5.5 hours + 30 minutes cooldown period).


Enjoy up to 10 different types of slot games and it’s all free to play. Earn chips, level up, and dominate the leaderboards. You can also earn diamond bonuses as you gain level-up points.

  • Slots are free to play and designed just for fun. Players cannot cash out chips as this is a social casino game.
  • Players play the slots to level up as they can then earn more chips from this game mode.
    • Users can choose from the variety of slot themes for their liking. Piggy Bank NFT will be a companion for the slot plays and gives users a faster way to earn Chips. 
    • When users play slot machines, they gain experience points and their user level increases based on those points. Users can enjoy receiving free diamond rewards when they reach the next level
  • Diamonds can be used for P2E tournaments or to purchase VIP trial membership (3-day, 7-day). Higher VIP Memberships can be obtained by purchasing chips.
  • VIP membership benefits:
    • VIP Room Access
    • VIP Registration Gift
    • VIP Room Gift
    • Golden Wheel Spin (Upgrades to VIP Golden Wheel for VIP users in required rank)
    • VIP Golden Wheel Spin
    • Hourly Bonus
    • VIP Daily Visiting Gift
    • VIP Mega Wheel Spin (Coming Soon)
    • VIP Personal Care (Coming Soon)

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