Understanding the Importance of Iskra’s Community Tier System

Since the beginning of Iskra’s establishment, our community has always been at the heart of everything we do and driven by this, we’ve encouraged everyone to participate in our Community Tier System (Beta). 

You might wonder why we’re doing this or what we aim to achieve by launching a unique community system on top of everything else that we do at Iskra.

In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about Iskra’s Community Tier System, including what drives us to do this, what you need to do to participate, and the benefits you can expect from it.

Iskra’s Mission Behind the Community Tier System

 The Iskra Community Tier System operates on the principle of “fairly rewarding users in proportion to their contributions” as a fundamental requirement for building the next generation of gaming. 

Since its establishment, Iskra has been dedicated to shaping the future of play, with its main goal to return rewards to gamers – and the community system plays a vital role in achieving that goal. 

While there is still no standard answer to what constitutes a suitable game in Web3, Iskra is actively exploring and pursuing that answer. 

As a Web3 platform, we are aware of the opportunities we can enable, which is to build a gaming ecosystem that “provide rewards fairly based on contribution” to users who believe in the same Web3 philosophy.

Iskra’s mission behind the Community Tier System is guided by three keywords – contribution, fairness, and reward.

  • Contribution – Users can contribute by leveraging Iskra in a way that impacts its platform and ecosystem growth. Platform growth can include using various services within the Iskra platform, as well as playing Iskra games. Meanwhile, ecosystem growth involves its development through P-NFT and ISK.
  • Fairness – Key information, including on-chain data, will be publicly accessible, allowing anyone to verify their contribution status and the associated rewards.
  • Reward – All assets earned by Iskra are tokenized, enabling direct distribution of assets to users without the need for additional procedures. This allows Iskra’s Community Tier System to be fully decentralized in the future. Beyond tokenized rewards, users can also expect exclusive perks regarding platform services and games, which are categorized based on each user’s contribution level.

How can we make this happen? The answer is simple – through Contribution Points (CP).  Our CP system ensures fair determination of individual contributions by providing CP, with tier-based rewards determined and distributed based on an individual Iskra user’s total CP. 

Users also have the option to access and validate all information regarding this process, making the whole thing transparent and verifiable.

Tier-Based Community Membership

Users who have made contributions to Iskra can become members of the Community Tier System and enjoy corresponding rewards. Our objective is to establish a system that ensures fair distribution of rewards where users receive benefits in proportion to their contributions. 

After numerous discussions and careful planning, we’ve come up with a system on how to categorize Iskra users based on their contributions, which is measured by CP. This serves as the fundamental criteria on becoming a member of Iskra’s Community Tier System. 

Thus, while anyone with an Iskra account and wallet can join the Iskra community, they must have measurable contributions to become a tiered member and fully access the benefits provided by the Community Tier System.

Since the Community Tier System plays a crucial role in Iskra’s tokenomics, determining users to share in Iskra’s platform revenue needs to be based on concrete methodology and to do this, we’ve introduced test versions to cultivate the system’s best version. 

Over time, the Community Tier System will evolve, allowing users to directly establish and modify its rules through Governance Voting, similar to other operational rules within Iskra.

Rewards and Benefits for Tiered Community Members

Rewards are given to users who are part of the Community Tier, and these rewards are distributed based on the tier that a user belongs to. 

Iskra strives to create a community that includes all users who’ve made meaningful contributions to the project and ensure that accumulated platform fees and other rewards (such as game assets) are fairly distributed to users based on their contributions

Iskra categorizes the contributors into five tiers based on CP holdings: 

  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Silver 
  • Bronze
  • Iron

Here are the different rewards that Iskra users can look forward to as tiered members of the Iskra Community Tier System:

Tokenized Benefits

  • Platform Rewards – distributes Iskra platform’s revenue share at the end of the community season to tiered members of the Community Tier System
  • Quest Rewards – given out after completing specific in-game quests and distributed as game tokens or game NFTs

Other Benefits

  • Service Benefits – Enhances benefits for upcoming or existing services based on tier such as IGO, INO, etc.
  • Event Benefits – Provides opportunities and privileges for participating in various events hosted by Iskra and game developers based on individual tier, including CBT, game launch promotion, partner NFT airdrops etc.

It is important to note that not all members within the same tier have the same level of contribution, thus rewards are also distributed according to CP holdings.

While higher-tier members receive more rewards and opportunities, contribution levels can differ by users even within the same tier, as indicated by their CP holdings. 

All services provided by Iskra are designed to offer more benefits to tiered members to enhance their overall experience and allow them to enjoy preferential treatment in all Iskra activities.

How the Community Tier System Works

The Community Tier System operates on a seasonal basis to ensure fair benefits for users and avoid a closed community.

To become a member for a specific season, users must meet the requirements to enter the Community Tier System before the season begins, enabling them to enjoy various benefits throughout that season.

Assuming a season duration of six months (the exact duration of each season will be determined after the Beta phase), users who join Iskra midway will not be able to become a tiered member of the community during that ongoing season.

Also, even if a user remains active throughout the entire six-month period, their tier will only have a chance to increase in the following season, not within the ongoing season.

To accommodate such needs, we’ve made available Tier-Up Tickets, which provide an opportunity for active and tiered community members to advance to a higher tier during the current season, as well as Tier Placement Tickets, which offers new users a chance to join the community.

Key Takeaway From the Iskra Community Tier System

The Iskra Community Tier System is inherently designed to be inclusive so that users, regardless of their technical or blockchain background, can participate, contribute, and receive fair rewards. It is built to ensure an open environment where all participants are fairly evaluated and rewarded based on their contribution levels. This is a crucial step towards realizing distributed participation, one of the ultimate values of Web3.

As we set out to launch the first release of the Iskra Community Tier System on Beta, we encourage everyone to participate and contribute to the growth of the Iskra platform and help make it a success. 

The rewards for contributions are not just recognition of the community’s efforts towards Iskra’s mission, but they are also necessary for Iskra to create a better future gaming ecosystem.

Whether you’re a gamer, a P-NFT holder, an observer, a Web2 native, or a Web3 degen, no matter where you are on the Iskra community spectrum, we’re excited to see you participate and help contribute to the overall growth of Iskra through the Community Tier System.

About Iskra

Iskra is a single-destination Web3 game platform for developers and players that rewards them for their contribution and participation through a unique community system on the blockchain. This allows stakeholders to take a major part in building the platform for future growth.

Current services include a wallet, DEX, marketplace, NFT Mission Card (daily reward), governance staking and voting, and soon-to-launch Web3 casual and hyper-casual games.

Backed by some of the biggest technology and video game companies in South Korea, Iskra ranked in the top categories for gaming in Dapp Radar for unique active wallets per day and engagement.

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