WOW Spin Challenge Tournament

Promo Period: July 18, 2023 (08:00 UTC) – July 31, 2023 (23:59 UTC)

XP Competition (Prize Pool: 1,000 oUSDT)

  • Winners: Top 125 users who obtained the highest XPs during the promo period
  • Earn XPs by spinning the slot machines
  • For ties in ranking, users with higher Big Win counts win

Big Win Competition (Prize Pool: 500 oUSDT)

  • Winners: Top 50 users who obtained the largest number of Big Wins during the promo period
  • The frequency or number of times that a user got a Big Win from the slot machine is what’s counted for this promo
  • For ties in ranking, users with higher XPs win

Piggy Bank NFT holders get XP boost by 20% per one (1) Piggy Bank NFT. For example, if a user holds three (3) Piggy Bank NFTs, they will get a 60% XP boost.


How to Join

  1. Create an Iskra wallet.
  2. Visit World of Win.
  3. Connect your Iskra account.
  4. Play the World of Win slot machines.

The tournament is hosted by WOW LABS and rewards will be distributed by the WOW LABS team. Please make sure to join the WOW Discord server for more information.

About Iskra

Iskra is a single-destination Web3 game platform for developers and players that rewards them for their contribution and participation through a unique community system on the blockchain.  This allows stakeholders to take a major part in building the platform for future growth.

Current services include a wallet, DEX, marketplace, NFT Mission Card (daily reward), governance staking and voting, and soon-to-launch Web3 casual and hyper-casual games.

Backed by some of the biggest technology and video game companies in South Korea, Iskra ranks in the top categories for gaming in DappRadar for unique active wallets per day and engagement.

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