World of Win’s P2E Tournament Now Open to All

World of Win (WOW), the social casino game project of Iskra, has some very exciting game updates this month, including making its P2E tournament open to all players.

The team at WOW has always prioritized user feedback to ensure that the WOW community is duly rewarded, and this commitment is the main consideration in how they shape NFT holder benefits and game policies.

Here are the latest updates from WOW that will take effect on August 22, 2023 (8:00 AM UTC).

P2E Tournament Games Now Accessible to ALL Players (Piggy Bank NFT Holder and Non-Holder)

Starting at August 22, 2023 (8:00 AM UTC),  the Play-to-Earn Tournament Game will be open to all WOW players, regardless of NFT ownership for a limited time. Piggy Bank NFT holders will continue to enjoy special benefits through Piggy Boosters.

Piggy Booster Advantage for Piggy Bank NFT Holders

While the P2E Tournament Game is now open to all players, Piggy Bank NFT holders will maintain their esteemed status through Piggy Boosters, which enhances their chances of winning prizes.

For Rock-Paper-Scissors games, Piggy Bank NFT holders will receive Piggy Booster Points at the game’s outset, ranging from 1,000 to 5,000. The number of Piggy Banks a user owns determines these initial booster points. Each Piggy Bank NFT provides 1,000 bonus starter points, up to a maximum of five Piggy Bank NFTs or 5,000 points.

In Whack-a-Piggy games, Piggy Bank NFT holders will gain additional gameplay time as their exclusive advantage. Currently, a Whack-a-Piggy game lasts for 30 seconds. Piggy Bank NFT holders will receive extra time beyond this base duration. The supplementary time ranges from 2 to 10 seconds. Each Piggy Bank NFT contributes 2 seconds of extra gameplay time, up to five Piggy Bank NFTs or 10 seconds.

“Replay Booster” Elevates Replay Scores

Users that play multiple games within the same round can enjoy higher chances of ranking at the top by receiving the Replay Booster. Replay Boosters are awarded when a user plays the same type of tournament game within the same round repeatedly.

In the Rock-Paper-Scissors game, after the initial game, the user is given a bonus of 1,000 points at the start of the game which puts the user at advantage. The Replay Booster bonus in Rock-Paper-Scissors is given up to five replays or 5,000 bonus points, 1,000 points per each replay. From the 6th replay and on, the user will be given a flat rate bonus of 5,000 points.

In the Whack-a-Piggy game, the Replay Booster is given in a form of extra times. The base run time for one game of Whack-a-Piggy is 30 seconds. Each additional replay adds 2 extra seconds to the base run time, up to 5 replays, or 10 seconds of additional time. From the 6th replay and on, the user will be given the flat rate bonus of 10 additional seconds.

Maximizing Boosters in Combination of Piggy Bank NFTs and Replays

Users can strive for higher ranks in each round by devising strategies involving Piggy Bank NFTs and Replays.

If a user participates in the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors for the first time within a specific round without possessing any Piggy Bank NFTs, they will begin with zero starter points.

Each Piggy Bank NFT ownership will grant them 1,000 Piggy Booster points, up to a maximum of 5,000 points. Meanwhile, irrespective of Piggy Bank NFT ownership, every player attempting a replay will receive a Replay Booster of 1,000 points for each replay.

The Replay Booster points are also capped at 5,000 points or five replays.

For example, if a user owns 5 Piggy Bank NFTs and replays 5 times — a total of 6 plays including the initial play, they will commence their 6th game and subsequent ones with a bonus starter of 10,000 points (5,000 bonus points from 5 Piggy Banks plus 5,000 bonus points from 5 replays).

In the game of Whack-a-Piggy, users without Piggy Bank NFTs, embarking on their first play, will be allotted a base game time of 30 seconds.

Owning each Piggy Bank NFT will supplement an extra 2 seconds of gameplay, up to 10 seconds or 5 Piggy Banks. Additionally, regardless of Piggy Bank NFT ownership, every player is eligible for an additional 2 seconds of gameplay time for each replay, up to 10 seconds or 5 replays.

To illustrate further, if a user owns 5 Piggy Banks and is replaying for the 5th time — making a total of 6 plays, including the initial one, their Whack-a-Piggy playtime will include 20 seconds of extra time, resulting a total playtime of 50 seconds (30 seconds of base run time plus 20 seconds of extra booster run time).

* As of August 19, 2023, Rock-Paper-Scissors Booster points have been updated from 500 points increment to 1,000 points increment.

More Challenging Rock-Paper-Scissors

In playing RPS, users will see the computer’s picks rotating, and instead of randomly choosing, players will attempt to time their pick to win. As the player stack up the winning streaks, the rotating choices will speed up which makes it more challenging.

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