World of Win’s Spin Clash Reopens With Round 2

Spin Clash, the new P2E slot experience on World of Win, is open once again and rebooted for MORE FUN!

The current round opens from November 2, 2023 (12:00 UTC) ntil November 8, 2023 (12:00 UTC), and offers the following:

  • Play Spin Clash on 2 slot machines – Golden Dice and Super10x (double the fun!)
  • Enjoy higher reward potential with two tiers of admissions. Golden Dice admission is 10 WOW per 100 spins, and Super 10x admission is 100 WOW per 100 spins. Higher entry fee on Super 10x will give you higher reward in the WOW Clicker games!
  • New in-game, off-chain currency gWOW is implemented. No transaction fees and no need for signing the blockchain transactions each time!


Important reminders when playing Spin Clash:

  • Find the SPIN CLASH version of the Golden Dice or Super 10x slot machine in the P2E zone
  • Play a game of Spin Clash with an admission fee of 10 WOW or 100 WOW
  • One entry grants you 100 Spins during which you get a number of chances to earn WOW Tokens
  • Keep spinning, and wait for the Big Wins (or higher) which will trigger a WOW Clicker!
  • Once you’re in WOW Clicker, don’t think twice – start clicking right away to earn all the WOW tokens that you can within the time limit!
  • Keep playing for a chance to earn 10x WOW tokens of your admission fee!

For more details, check out World of Win’s blog here.

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