Iskra x Grampus CWC Launching Two New Web3 Games Following Successful Global Launch of Norma in Metaland

SINGAPORE, Oct. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Following the successful global launch of Norma in Metaland, top-ranked Web 3 game platform, Iskra, has signed two new Web 3 games with Grampus CWC, a blockchain subsidiary of Grampus.

Norma In Metaland is a Web 3 reboot of the game ‘Cooking Adventure’, which has achieved 30 million downloads. The game features the concept of learning various recipes and managing restaurants with the protagonist Norma.

Since its July 31, 2023, launch, Norma in Metaland has marked noteworthy achievements. In just one month, the game garnered a daily active user (DAU) base exceeding 10,000. Additionally, it has drawn content from diverse global regions, including the U.S., Brazil, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, and offers support for global languages like Spanish and Chinese.

Ongoing efforts will persist to promote and fortify local communities, alongside continued localization endeavors.

Iskra anticipates further collaborations with Grampus CWC on upcoming game titles as part of its ongoing global expansion. The two new titles are ‘Project F’ and ‘Juicy Adventure’, both slated to launch in the first half of 2024.

‘Project F’ is a unique shooting game set in the depths of the ocean, where players engage in capturing rare fish and various marine creatures using specialized weapons and automated attacks.

‘Juicy Adventure’ transports players to the world of Animal Forest, where a giant fruit blender grants forest creatures unique abilities, sparking a competition for control. The game offers engaging gameplay and an imaginative storyline, providing entertainment for players of all ages.

Kim Jee-in, CEO of Grampus CWC, expressed excitement about joining Iskra in launching ‘Project F’ and ‘Juicy Adventure’, pivotal for expanding the $GRAM ecosystem. Kim emphasized, “We will embody the possibilities of Web 3 gaming, focusing on community engagement and experience expansion, alongside Norma in Metaland’s services.” Kim believes these games will redefine Web 3 gaming, striking a balance between user engagement and enjoyment with earning potential through digital ownership and tokenomics.

Iskra CEO Eugene Lee conveyed his enthusiasm for their continued collaboration with Grampus CWC, seeing it as a testament to Iskra’s capabilities in the Web3 publishing sector. He stated, “Moving forward, we will strive to excel in the Web3 gaming platform arena, surpassing existing players, through collaborations in product and game development with proficient partners like Grampus CWC, and by leveraging multi-chain strategies.” The aim is to secure a prominent position in the evolving landscape of Web3 gaming platforms.

The article originally appeared on Bloomberg. Read the full article here.

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