What is a Pioneer NFT?

Pioneer NFTs literally build community, making them the most valuable asset in the Iskra ecosystem. If you’ve ever heard the word “utility” in the same sentence as “NFT,” this is what they were talking about.

For all the soon-to-be fearless Pioneers out there tuning in for the first time, Iskra is a Web3 game community platform creating new opportunities and experiences for players and game developers alike. We’re building an ecosystem that rewards everyone in the community based on their participation, while also offering next-gen Web3 games that focus on Play-AND-Earn.

Before we dive into Iskra’s Pioneer NFTs, let’s do a super quick overview of NFTs and utility NFTs. For those not in the mood for a refresher course, scroll to the Pioneer NFTs section below.

NFTs & Utility NFTs

NFT stands for “non-fungible token.” A non-fungible token (NFT) is a one-of-a-kind digital file stored on a blockchain that records who created it, who linked it to the blockchain, who bought it, and who owned it before. It’s a totally unique crypto asset that proves you own something, like a piece of digital art or a weapon in a video game.

Some NFTs aren’t just in demand because they’re rare. There are also utility NFTs that create real-world value because of how they are useful. Utility NFTs offer access, perks, or other benefits to the token holder in addition to proving ownership of the digital asset itself. For example, BAYC is a popular NFT from Yuga Labs that lets you own a unique digital collectible, but also doubles as membership to their exclusive social club that hosts real-life events. Yuga Labs also launched the gamified metaverse Otherside and offers NFTs called Otherdeeds, which are essentially deeds for a plot of virtual land that can be sold for real money. Ad dollars aren’t out of the question either because billboards are a thing in the digital world too. One last example is RTFKT’s CloneX, an NFT that creates fashionable sneakers that aren’t just for your metaverse avatar. You can also have them physically made so you can wear some cool kicks to a party here in the real world. You might say you’re the sole owner of said kicks…

One thing both NFTs and utility NFTs have in common is they can both give you a stake of ownership in a pioneering game community platform that is shaping the future of gaming on blockchain…A platform like Iskra.

Pioneer NFTs

The Pioneer NFT is a true utility NFT because it allows all token holders to operate a network node in Iskra’s blockchain. Nodes provide distributed computing power and make the platform a secure, stable, decentralized, and trustless system.

In return for operating a network node, Pioneer NFT holders and operators will receive 40% of the 1 billion $ISK (Iskra’s native token) that will be minted. That’s a cool 400 million $ISK that will be a large part of the distribution of $ISK into the Iskra eco-system. 200 million will be distributed in the first year, 100 million in the second year, 50 million in the third year, and so on.

When you own a Pioneer NFT, you’re a foundational stakeholder in the NFT community, earning CPs (contribution points). CPs raise your rank in the community tier system that determines how much you take home from the Community Rewards Pool, which consists of up to 100% of the value generated by the platform through fees, royalties, etc. Keep in mind that the vibrant Iskra community includes game developers, which means that the fees and royalties they pay end up getting returned to them like a boomerang. Plus, they also get a share of other game developers’ fees and royalties. And for the first time ever, so do the players!

There will only be 40,000 Pioneer NFTs made (like, in the future of the universe, that’s it) and only 26,000 will be sold publicly through Iskra’s portal on a first-come-first-serve basis. Initially, Pioneer NFTs will cost $6,000. For every 10 Pioneer NFTs sold, they’ll increase in price by $20. When the last publicly available Pioneer NFT is sold, it will cost $57,980.

So, if you owned one Pioneer NFT, you and a maximum of 40,000 holders and operators would be eligible for 400 million ISK tokens in rewards, AND because the CPs you earn increase your community ranking, you would also receive a bigger portion of the Community Rewards Pool.

Once the last Pioneer NFT is sold publicly, Pioneer NFTs will be tradeable in the secondary market. That’s why it’s up to everyone to grow the community or keep collecting Pioneer NFTs themselves! The sooner we hit that number, the sooner they’re unlocked for trading.

In a Nutshell

Pioneer NFTs actually have a utility and offer token owners a laundry list of perks. Unlike other NFTs that ‘promise’ to future value or promise a utility it may serve down the line, Pioneer NFTs deliver the goods today. As soon as you own one, you have the right to run a node in Iskra’s blockchain and you will get rewarded for it.

Here’s to you, fearless Pioneers of the future. Welcome to the show.

To get a more in-depth breakdown of Iskra, peep our What is Iskra? blog post.

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