Token Buy-Back

Greetings Explorers!

Thanks to your support, Iskra took the first step in expanding our token economy by listing our ISKRA Token (Ticker: ISK) in September, in partnership and Klayswap.

As ISK Tokens become accessible to  more users, Iskra will continue to do its best to expand utility, making ISK Tokens more widely used as purchasing game NFTs, Iskra Pioneer NFTs and other digital assets. .

While we roll out utility capabilities, Iskra plans to manage its circulating supply by purchasing  a certain amount of ISKs (transparently and fairly)  from the market from time to time as utility cases are implemented.  .

We are currently planning a buyback of  about $400,000 in value and will be executed in a way that will not initiate abnormal effects on the market price. The ISKs that the Company will purchase  at this time will not be sold at least for one year upon the purchase (This does not mean that it will be sold exactly after 1 year,  but specifies the minimum term of holding).

Likewise, if and when Iskra plans to sell ISKs to  the market, we plan to make an official announcement at least one month prior to the event so as not to trigger any abnormal impact to market pricing.  Sales will be conducted within a scope that does not affect the ISK market price.

Please stay tuned as we announce more details in the near future.

Thank you. 

Team Iskra

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