Iskra Holiday Airdrop 2022

Hi Iskra fam! Get ready to welcome the holidays and wrap up the year with a bang with our first-ever Iskra Holiday Airdrop!

With a $5000 USDT prize pool and 52 mystery boxes of 3 Kingdoms Multiverse NFTs up for grabs, we’re upping the ante for everyone to take part simply by completing a few simple tasks that you can find in our page.

Once you complete all the tasks, you have additional options to earn more entries so make sure to check them all out and tick them off your list to level up your chances of winning! 

Here’s a breakdown of what you can win in our Iskra Holiday Airdrop –

Of course, keep in mind these rules to ensure that all your entries are valid –

  1. Follow this link to join.
  2. Only new accounts created starting December 14, 2022 are eligible for the $25 USDT raffle. 
  3. Existing Iskra users can still participate in the NFT raffle and Top 3 Referrer giveaway by creating a referral link, provided that their referrals are new accounts counted from December 14, 2022. Referrals for existing Iskra users are not considered as valid entries.

Our giveaway ends on January 11, 2023, so hurry and join now and stay tuned when we’ll announce the winners on January 18, 2023! Are you excited?

Note: USDT rewards will be distributed one week after the deadline, while all NFT rewards will be airdropped within one to two weeks after 3KM’s initial NFT offering has concluded.

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