Iskra Roadmap Update | Q4 2022

Greetings Iskra explorers! As 2022 comes to a close, we want to give an update on what we set out to do in Q4: 

2022 for the industry overall has been unpredictable and volatile, which impacted some of the launch targets, and called for adapting to the changes in the market.  Some key notes: 

  • The decision to list on the Uniswap DEX was made due to access issues for many of our target markets. Looking back at the quarter, recent concerns about general CEX stability and governance gives us more time to assess future CEX opportunities in the short to medium term.
  • Delays to the launch of 3KM unfortunately pushed back our Marketplace launch. However, we have used this time to better prepare for its functionalities and coordinate closer with HDLabs for a planned launch in the early part of 2023.
  • The Governance Staking feature was also postponed to the early part of 2023 to make sure we had additional time for testing and delivery.  
  • While not specifically in our Roadmap, we announced plans to implement a buyback scheme in Q4.

    • Current Status: We’ve completed our ISK buyback for 2022 Q4 with a total of 1,265,957.617018 ISK bought with 400K USDT (average ISK purchase price = 0.31597 USDT).
    • Future Use: The purchased ISK will not be released to the market until 2024. Meanwhile, during 2023, Iskra will stake all purchased ISK and the staking reward will not be sold to the market. The staking reward will most likely be used for the community or burned in a manner that is most beneficial to the Iskra ecosystem.
    • Sale of Purchased ISK: From 2024, Iskra can sell the purchased ISK for Iskra’s operational purposes, but before the sale, the community will be the first to be notified. ISK sales will be done strategically in a way that does not affect the market price, either by using a time-weighted average price or volume-weighted average price algorithm.

For now, we are looking at the following Q1 2023 items in progress: 

Moving forward, the community can expect the following planning announcements and update schedule for 2023.   

  1. The Iskra road map will be updated on a half yearly basis. The first half of our 2023 Roadmap will be released by January or February, with the second half of our 2023 Roadmap to be released by June. 
  2. Updates to our roadmap will be given every quarter with an end-of-year recap.

As always we appreciate your support and patience as we try to focus on building our platform.

Happy holidays and we look forward to delivering new services, products, and games in 2023!

Team Iskra 

About Iskra

Iskra offers a premier destination for players and game developers to explore the thrill and opportunity of Web3 gaming alongside a vibrant community.

As part of its mission, Iskra aims to mold a Web3 future by creating a forward-thinking dedicated home for Web3 gaming and giving every user a stake in the company’s success. It is committed to becoming a leading platform for blockchain gaming.

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