ClashMon: Ignition’s Onchain Summer FREE Mint Guide

As a launch builder on the Base mainnet, Iskra is excited to share the first minting opportunity for its soon-to-be-released (coming this September!) collectible battle RPG ClashMon: Ignition during the Onchain Summer event.

From August 27 to September 2, 2023, new and existing Iskra users will have the chance to mint a ClashMon Game Mystery Box for FREE (monster + gear + $TORCH tokens)!

And that’s not all – if you’re already a part of Iskra’s Community Tier System and enjoying a Gold, Silver, or Diamond tier ranking, you’re in for an even more exciting surprise so read on to learn more.

Remember – what you’ll be minting is a Mystery Box so once you’re done with the minting, you will need to open it to reveal what’s inside. This guide covers both the minting process and reveal process during Onchain Summer.

What is ClashMon: Ignition?

FREE-to-play ClashMon: Ignition is a browser-based Web3 collectible battle RPG that lets players build up their monster decks by collecting or trading ClashMon monsters and duke it out in PvP battles on Arena or Championship mode.

Staying true to its Web3 roots that champions the benefits of genuine digital ownership through play, ClashMon offers players the opportunity to make bank through “Fishing Mode”, which allows them to catch and sell fish to earn the game’s utility token $TORCH.

For the risk-takers who have no problem going all out, ClashMon’s Galactic Shot is for you – a mini game that lets you call the shots on how much you’ll win (or lose) depending on how far you’re willing to go. Will you aim high and shoot for the stars? Or will you be more realistic and keep it grounded? Your choice.

What’s Inside ClashMon’s Onchain Summer Mystery Box?

Minting a ClashMon: Ignition Mystery Box from August 27 – September 2, 2023 during Base’s Onchain Summer event will get you all of the following:

Visit our ClashMon: Ignition FREE MINT page to start minting once the event goes live.  

How to Join the FREE MINT Event During Onchain Summer

The ClashMon FREE MINT is open to everyone so whether you’re an existing Iskra user or just about to sign up for a FREE Iskra account, you can mint and get a Mystery Box to help you get a head start on building your ClashMon monster decks. 

However, please remember that this is a Mystery Box, hence you’ll need an Iskra account to open it later on and reveal the loot inside. As a start, here’s how you can start minting:

You don’t need an Iskra account to participate in ClashMon’s FREE MINT during Onchain Summer. However, you will need to have an Iskra account to reveal what’s inside your Mystery Box. You can sign up for a FREE Iskra account here

For Existing Iskra Users or New Users Without an Iskra Account

  1. Go to or find out more from our mint info page here.

  2. Connect your Metamask or Coinbase wallet.

  3. Click “Mint”. While the Mystery Box is FREE, you will need to pay for the gas fee to mint it (check out this post by Base creator Jesse Pollak on the cheapest way to bridge to Base). Please ensure that you have sufficient funds on the Base chain to cover the gas fee.

For Iskra Users With a Diamond, Gold, or Silver Tier Under the Community Tier System

If you’re an existing Iskra user who has a Diamond, Gold, or Silver tier under our Community Tier System, you’re in for a treat as the ClashMon FREE MINT Onchain Summer Mystery Box will be automatically airdropped to you. Here’s what you can expect:

For those in the Bronze or Iron tier, please follow the regular minting process to get a ClashMon Mystery Box. You can check your tier here.

How to Reveal What’s Inside Your ClashMon Mystery Box

Once you’re done minting your ClashMon Mystery Box, you can open it right away to reveal what you got inside. Here’s the reveal process:

For New Iskra Users

  1. Go to the Reveal page.
  2. Sign up for a FREE Iskra account.
  3. Select your wallet. Please use the same wallet that you used to mint your ClashMon Mystery Box.
  4. Click “Reveal Now”.  

For Existing Iskra Users

  1. Transfer your ClashMon Mystery Box from your Metamask or Coinbase wallet to your Iskra wallet by sending it your Iskra wallet address using the Base network.
  2. Go to
  3. Sign in to your Iskra account.
  4. Click “Reveal Now”.

How to See Your ClashMon Mystery Box on Your Metamask

  1. Go to your Metamask wallet and select the Base chain as your network.
  2. In the NFTs tab, scroll down and click “Import NFTs”.
  3. Input the following details:
    • Contract Address: 0x75ed58e1D029853231A9e9825F0035E0449FBAfa  (for ClashMon Mystery Box)
    • Token ID: Enter the Token ID of the NFT you minted.

If you don’t know the Token ID of the NFT you minted, you can connect your wallet to OpenSea and find the NFT’s details on your profile.

You can also check the Token ID of the NFT you minted by going to our Reveal page 👉🏻 Sign In ➡️ Wallet ➡️ Game NFT ➡️ Base

Check out the following help articles for more details:

About Iskra

Iskra is an all-in-one web3 game platform that offers the latest in web3 games along with blockchain services that include a wallet, DEX, market, governance staking/voting, Mission Card NFT system, and launchpad.

Its unique community system allows the platform to reward both players and developers up to 100% of platform fees, based on their participation. Contribution Points (CP) are awarded based on activities such as running a network node (Pioneer NFT), using platform services or playing games. CP determines your ranking, which leads to increased benefits and rewards.

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About ClashMon: Ignition

ClashMon: Ignition is an in-house game incubated by Iskra and built on Base. It is a web browser-based collectible battle RPG game that redefines the gaming experience within the Web3 ecosystem. By offering an exciting journey of collecting unique characters and assembling powerful teams, ClashMon ensures users encounter the ultimate fun of gaming. The game focuses on delivering enjoyment through character growth and anticipation of valuable returns, all seamlessly integrated into the web3 gaming world.

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