How to Bridge Your Iskra Assets From Klaytn to Base

Iskra will open its Base chain bridge support on November next month, which allows users to easily move their ISK and NFTs from Klaytn to Base chain (and vice versa) right on the Iskra platform.

This article will help guide you through the process if you wish to transfer your Klaytn-based asset to the Base network.

Why We Need to Bridge Assets

The need for interoperability between networks has never been greater than in the world of blockchain and gaming. As blockchain ecosystems expand and games diversify, users often find themselves looking for ways to move assets seamlessly between different networks.

This is where “bridging” comes in, and on the Iskra platform, this is especially significant as we have Klaytn-based ISK and the Iskra Market is also based on Klaytn.

Through bridging, you can bring your Klaytn-based ISK to the Base network, as well as the game NFTs you purchased on the Iskra Market and use them on relevant Base games. By supporting the Base bridge, Iskra will be able to support games based on the Base chain.

How to Use the Base Bridge

  1. Log in to Iskra and go to DEX.
  2. Select “Bridge”.
  3. Choose the asset (ISK or NFT) that you want to bridge to Base and provide the relevant chain on the appropriate field. Please note that only Klaytn-based ISK and NFTs can be bridged to Base on the Iskra DEX.
  4. Click “Transfer”.

Due to network events or activities, it may take some time to transfer assets between chains but there’s no need to worry – you can easily check the progress of your transfer by going to DEX > Transactions.

About Iskra

Iskra is a single-destination Web3 game platform for developers and players that rewards them for their contribution and participation through a unique community system on the blockchain. This allows stakeholders to take a major part in building the platform for future growth.

Current services include a wallet, DEX, marketplace, NFT Mission Card (daily reward), governance staking and voting, and soon-to-launch Web3 casual and hyper-casual games.

Backed by some of the biggest technology and video game companies in South Korea, Iskra ranks in the top categories for gaming in DappRadar for unique active wallets per day and engagement.

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