Iskra’s Community Structure

The more you participate in Iskra’s community or stake in the platform, the greater the rewards.

Iskra is taking breakthroughs in blockchain technology to a whole new level by providing a crypto gaming platform that directly connects players with developers, forming one vibrant community that shares victories and successes.

Until now, gaming communities have been limited to being passive consumers who aren’t properly recognized for their role in the platform’s growth, despite being a crucial factor in that positive momentum. To correct this imbalance, Iskra is creating a new breed of gaming ecosystem. Service providers like gaming studios and the Iskra Team (composed of blockchain and gaming experts) are aligned with the players in the community. All members get rewarded in proportion to the contributions they’ve made, which means everyone’s interests are aligned and the road to taking home those rewards is clearly mapped out.

Up to 100% of the value generated by the platform through fees, royalties, etc., is put into Iskra’s Community Rewards Pool. From there, it all gets distributed to everyone in the Iskra community, depending on their community rank which is determined by participation. The higher your rank, the more rewards and benefits.

Community Tiers & Benefits

Under our Community Ranking System, all members will be categorized into one of the five Tiers, beginning with “iron” rising up to “Diamond”. Ranking is based on contribution points (CPs) accrued by each member. A Tier is valid for one season and is reset at the start of the following season.

  • Diamond: in the top 0.02% or 1,000 users, whichever is smaller of total CPs accrued in the previous session
  • Gold: in the top 0.22% or 10,000 users, whichever is smaller of the total CPs accrued in the previous season
  • Silver: in the top 2.22% or 100,000 users, whichever is smaller of the total CPs accrued in the previous season
  • Bronze: in the top 22.22% or 1,000,000 users whichever is smaller of total CPs accrued in the previous season
  • Iron: all users who have more than 1 CP

The higher your Tier level is, the more benefits you can enjoy. For example, tokens reserved in a community reward pool will be airdropped after being held for a certain period of time. Each Tier gets a certain percentage of the tokens, with the higher Tiers getting a higher percentage. Same deal for random airdrops of game assets.

When it comes to participating in the development of projects on our Launchpad, a Diamond Tier user will have a higher allocation cap than Gold, but Gold will have a higher cap than Silver, and so on. If you’re participating in the NFT Primary Market, a higher Tier user has a better chance of whitelisting (A.K.A. getting early and guaranteed access to mint).

A Tier is valid for one season before resetting at the beginning of the next season, and it’s your previous season’s CP balance that determines your standing in the current season. That means that what you do today sets you up for success tomorrow, so to speak.

And here’s exactly what you should do.

Raising Your Rank in Iskra’s Community

The most efficient approach to earning CPs is to own and operate a Pioneer NFT and stake $ISK tokens. Pioneer NFT owners have the right to become a node operator on the platform, providing distributed computing power and security for the Iskra network. In return for staking their NFT and operating a node, Pioneers are rewarded with CPs. Buy a Pioneer NFT. Run a node. Increase your community rank.

You can also get CPs by simply using and contributing to the Iskra platform. Whenever a player stakes $ISK and uses the services of Iskra’s blockchain, does swaps or trades, buys NFTs, or is good enough at a certain game that they’re able to convert game tokens (weapons, skins, DLCs, etc.) into Iskra’s $ISK token, that player is scoring CPs as they go. And keep in mind that Iskra is hooking up with the best game devs around the globe to create top-quality gaming experiences. It’s all about play AND earn.

The last way to earn CPs is to stake $ISK tokens in Iskra. You can earn $ISK by playing video games on Iskra or earning $ISK rewards by operating a network node after buying a Pioneer NFT, which is another good reason to pick those up while their limited run lasts.

You can get the full lowdown on Pioneer NFTs in our What is a Pioneer NFT? blog post.

There’s one more way to boost your community rank that doesn’t have to do with CPs: Tier-Up Tickets. Since Iskra is also about providing opportunities and benefits to passionate and engaged community members, active users will be entitled to claim a Tier-Up Ticket on a daily basis. Every day you log in to the platform, you can make a request for a Tier-Up Ticket so a random (and free) Tier-Up Ticket drops to you. If your ticket is a winner, you immediately move on up to the next community tier.

In a Nutshell

Iskra’s spirited community of players and game devs are all rewarded based on their contribution to the platform. CPs (contribution points) are distributed transparently and raise your community rank, helping you climb the community Tiers of Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. The higher the rank and Tier, the greater the rewards.

It takes a village. Let’s do this thing.

Check out our What is Iskra? blog post to learn more.

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