The Iskra Platform: Powering the Future of Crypto Gaming

Iskra is reinventing game publishing and play-to-earn rewards by connecting game devs directly with gamers in a vibrant Web3 community. Iskra wields a previously unrealized combination of cutting-edge blockchain tech and seamless services, giving game studios easy access to a turn-key solution for creating crypto games with rich token economies that make gameplay enjoyable and rewarding. As a result, players get the best next-gen Web3 games with opportunities to play AND earn.

Let’s pop Iskra’s hood to get a quick look at the engine that makes all this possible.

Iskra’s Blockchain Platform

Iskra Hub Chain is the mainnet blockchain that supports the foundational services Iskra’s ecosystem depends on to thrive. Thanks to this interoperability protocol, the numerous game chains within Iskra’s ecosystem are able to smoothly communicate with each other with no gas fees on transactions, which is beneficial to both game studios and players. It also guarantees that those transactions are validated by thousands of third parties who are total strangers to one another. The Iskra Hub Chain is basically the nucleus of all the assets within the ecosystem and powers a platform that is both frictionless and trustless.

Iskra Bridge is the most critical component of Iskra’s ecosystem. Since most blockchain games run their own chains, it’s crucial to have a secure and trustless bridge to interconnect all the different digital ledgers. Iskra Bridge fills that role, connecting the Iskra Hub Chain with side chains for games and external blockchains. Gamers get connected with whatever game they want to play, regardless of whatever chain the game happens to use. Players can freely transfer their game assets between different game chains in Iskra’s ecosystem, as well as transfer tokens supported by Iskra Hub Chain to approved external blockchains.

Launchpad is where game studios market their blockchain games, raise funding and attract early users. It’s also the place where community members discover new projects that peak their interest, motivating them to subsidize the game’s development via $ISK or $iUSD. In order to spark interest and rally support, game studios can use the Launchpad to launch game governance tokens and game utility tokens. By the way, the decision to use those types of tokens wasn’t pulled out of a hat. It came from extensive discussions with developers who know exactly what kind of tokens will make the community flourish. That kind of collaboration is yet another way Iskra is raising the bar in the blockchain gaming space.

Iskra Wallet is where users stash their digital assets. Picture a futuristic gateway that empowers users to explore and access all the games and services within Iskra’s ecosystem from one singular location. As soon as you sign up for Iskra, your Iskra Wallet lets you fully indulge in everything the platform has to offer.

DEX is a core service of the platform. It’s a decentralized exchange service provided by Iskra where users trade all game tokens supported by Iskra Hub Chain for $ISK or $iUSD. This is where the magic happens. Purchasing game assets, swapping them for assets of another game, etc. It’s the promised land for gamers who want a best-in-class gaming on blockchain experience. And in order to help prevent rapid fluctuation in token values, Iskra DEX supports decentralized exchanges that pool liquidity from anyone in the community who wants to participate and earn rewards for their contribution.

Stable Swap allows users to swap different stablecoins (e.g., $USDT or $USDC) for Iskra’s stablecoin, $iUSD, which lets community members partake in Iskra’s games and services. A stablecoin like $iUSD is a must-have in Iskra’s ecosystem, because it doesn’t have price volatility and it’s backed up by other proven stablecoins. But there’s also a solid reason $iUSD was specifically chosen as Iskra’s go-to stablecoin. Iskra believes $iUSD is destined to play a vital role in the bright future of blockchain games. That’s why $iUSD can also be conveniently acquired via old-school payment methods like credit cards and wire transfers. This helps to ensure that Iskra’s blockchain gaming ecosystem is easily accessible to the average Joe as well as to savvy veterans of the crypto space. The more the merrier.

Games on Iskra aren’t about play-to-earn. They’re about play-AND-earn. Only premier, next-gen Web3 games will be featured; the kind that are actually fun to play while giving players ownership of their in-game assets and the ability to be rewarded for their gameplay. With minimum cost, players get to have a glimpse of the Iskra ecosystem and the rewards follow naturally as they truly enjoy the game. There will be no limits in terms of game genres, but Iskra is making sure a fun gaming experience is the highest priority. Iskra’s game acquisition strategy involves finding game developers with a track record in building and servicing games that are entertaining and well-balanced. Once that box is checked, Iskra determines how well the mechanics and systems of a game can be tokenized sustainably. There are already a few games that fit that bill in Iskra’s pipeline, ranging from collectible RPGs to puzzle games to casual simulations.

Community Structure at Iskra is a key differentiator between other crypto gaming platforms out there, because a unique community ranking system ensures players are properly recognized for their role in Iskra’s growth. All members get rewarded based on their contributions to the community. Up to 100% of the value generated by the platform through fees, royalties, etc., is put into Iskra’s Community Rewards Pool. Then it gets distributed to everyone in the Iskra community, depending on their community rank, which is determined by participation. The higher the community member’s rank, the more rewards and benefits they receive.

In a Nutshell

The Iskra Platform provides seamless end-to-end services for both gamers and game studios, delivers the newest Web3 game experiences and hosts a vibrant ecosystem that rewards all shared-interest stakeholders based on participation in the community.

Visit Iskra.World to explore the platform. And the possibilities.

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