1K Limited Pioneer NFT Sale Launching June 30, 2022

The very first 1,000 Pioneer NFTs (PNFT) for public sale will soon be available, setting the stage for the Iskra ecosystem to take its first foundational step.  Read on to become a Pioneer and make history. 

How to buy a Pioneer NFT

Greetings fellow Pioneers!  To make sure we’re prepared for this momentous day, let’s go through a quick checklist:

Step 1: Sign up for an ISKRA account & create an ISKRA Wallet.

It’s the ONLY place to store your PNFT. 
For more details you can view our 👉 Wallet guidelines

Step 2: Top up your wallet with $KLAY, native token of Klaytn blockchain

The First 10,000 publicly sold NFTs are only purchased with $KLAY. Once we list our ISK token or IEO, you will need to purchase PNFTs with ISK tokens.  

You can buy KLAY by KRW, USDT, BUSD, USDC or BTC on well-known exchanges such as (Binance, Bithumb, or ByBit…).

Read Klaytn’s official blog article to see all of the exchanges where KLAY can be purchased.

where to buy Clayton

Step 3: Set an Alarm ⏰ for June 30th, at 6am UTC  

It’s time to become a true Pioneer!

Don’t forget that the starting price is $6,000
*For every 10 NFTs are sold, the next one will increase by $20 

The sooner you are able to secure one, the better! 

This limited release ends when 1,000 PNFTs are sold. 

Step 4: Claim your Rewards as soon as you STAKE your PNFT

Once you receive your PNFT in your Iskra wallet, make sure you STAKE it to start earning rewards.

Here’s instructions from the FAQ on how to purchase and stake your PNFT.

You can begin claiming your ISK rewards every minute by refreshing your wallet 🤩

Don’t forget that in return for owning, staking and operating your PNFT 40% of all ISK Tokens (400 Million) will be given as rewards to PNFT holders.  Even more rewards await since PNFTs increase your CP and ranking in the Community System.  

Here’s to you, fearless Pioneers of the future. Welcome to the show!

To get a more in-depth breakdown of Pioneer NFTs, peep our What is a Pioneer NFT  and Iskra’s Community Structure blog post

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