Boost PNFT rewards with the Referral Program!

Once Pioneer NFTs are available for public sale, holders are eligible for a 10% Boost in ISK and CP rewards for every referral purchase of PNFTs.  This Boost “STACKS” – meaning you can get over 100% Boost if you are able to refer 10 PNFT purchases or more!

How to BOOST PNFT rewards with Referral Program

01 – Purchase a PNFT during the Public Sale

02 – Obtain the referral URL and share it with others to Purchase.  You can use your own referral URL for your own purchases for added Boost.

03 – Each Referral is equivalent to owning 10% of a Pioneer NFT.  This means you get an additional 10% in $ISK rewards, and an additional 6,000 contribution points (CP).

04 – It STACKS!  If you refer 10 PFNT sales, you will get the equivalent of 1 additional PNFT in rewards for ISK Tokens and CP. 

* NOTE:  Please make sure that the Referral Purchase URL is active on your nav bar.  It should look like this:

Greetings newly minted Pioneers!!  Now that you’ve made history by purchasing the very first Pioneer NFTs to start the Iskra Ecosystem, you are now eligible to BOOST your rewards even more by referring others who will make future PNFT purchases. 

A “Referral URL” becomes available only when purchasing through a public round.  Once you have this URL, and you share it with others, you will receive a Referral Reward once they purchase a Pioneer NFT.

Each Referral Reward has the same effect as purchasing 0.1 node. This means 10% more in ISK rewards, and at least 6,000 additional Contribution Points (CP) for your community tier and rewards. 

This boost “stacks”, which means that if you buy 1 PNFT and receive 10 Referral Rewards, you will receive the same node rewards as those having 2 PNFTs!  The more you refer, the more your boost stacks and the more you can earn.

The biggest advantage of Referral Rewards is that while the ISK rewards for Pioneer NFT will be locked (cannot be claimed until certain requirements are met), the Referral Reward ISKs are paid out in an unlocked state, allowing you to trade anytime in the market.  A 10% boost of Referral Reward is applied immediately when the purchase entered through the Referral URL is “Complete.”

To our fearless Pioneers, we salute you!  Let’s get boosted.

To get a more in-depth breakdown of Pioneer NFT rewards, peep our What is a Pioneer NFT  and Iskra’s Community Structure blog post

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