ISK Token Generation Event + 100K ISK Giveaway!

We are excited to announce that we will be having our first ISK Token Generation Event (TGE) at the end of September on Global Exchanges. Details on the exchange and the actual TGE date will be coming in the coming weeks. 

To celebrate the event, we are going to give away up to 100K in ISK Tokens to Pioneer NFT holders that have been verified on our Discord, as well as our First Explorers.  In order to participate: 

For PNFT Holders: 

  1.  PNFT holders must sign up on our Discord and get verified as owning a PNFT here.
  2.  Each verified PNFT holder will get one raffle entry for each PNFT that they own, increasing your chances of winning. 
  3. PNFT Channel Holder Prizes: 
    • Diamond Prize: 10,000 ISK for 3 lucky holders 
    • Gold Raffle Prize:  5,000 ISK for 7 lucky holders
    • Silver Raffle Prize: : 2,500 ISK for 10 lucky holders

For First Explorers: 

  1. First Explorers are eligible for the raffle by reacting to the Poll in our Discord here.  
  2. Each reaction equals one raffle entry for the drawing.
  3. First Explorer Prizes:
    • Gold :   1,000 ISK for 5 lucky winners
    • Silver :   500 ISK for 5 lucky winners
    • Bronze : 300 ISK for 5 lucky winners
    • Iron : 200 ISK for 5 luck winners

Watch our social media feeds and hang out in Discord for more details to come!Click here to learn more about our ISK Token and Tokenomics

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