How to Earn Contribution Points (CP) on Iskra

The Iskra Community System is a fundamental part of its overall ecosystem, and its unique structure allows participants to enjoy various benefits and share in the overall value created by the platform.  The ultimate goal is to distribute up to 100% of all platform fees collected from the community rewards pool to the community system participants who operate a network node, stake, and simply use the platform.

Iskra platform participants will receive contribution points (CP) based on platform activity, and all outcomes generated through the platform services will be shared according to the contribution points.

Beginning November 23, 2022, participants can begin tracking their platform activity and earning CP with the latest portal update.  

Current Pioneer NFT (P-NFT) holders that have staked their P-NFTs since June 30, 2022 have earned 60,000 CPs for every P-NFT staked. If they have referral bonuses, they would get an additional 10% boost, which is currently at 6,000 per referral and may change in proportion to the P-NFT’s CP.

The Community System integrates the following elements:

  • Contribution Points (CP) – given according to platform contribution, which can be checked with on-chain data
  • Community Ranking System – calculates community rankings and tiers based on CP
  • Community Rewards – platform proceeds that are distributed to the Iskra community based on CP and community tier from the Community Rewards Pool 

Below is the current milestone schedule for implementation. Please note that these are subject to change depending on development and other planning decisions, as well as Iskra governance and voting.

Contribution Points (CP) Milestones

  • 2022 | Q2 – Beta Release
      • Pioneer NFT
        • P-NFT Staking
          • You will get 1 Node Point* per 1 P-NFT staked, and you will get 60,000 CPs per 1 Node Point.
            *Pioneer NFT is the right to operate a node, and if it is fully operated, 1 node point is obtained. Currently, all P-NFTs acquire the same node point through P-NFT staking, but after the Node Operating System release, different Node Points will be acquired depending on the operating hours.
          • P-NFT holders holding and staking a P-NFT from June 30, 2022 until the node operation is available will earn 60,000 CP per P-NFT.
          • CPs earned through P-NFT staking are calculated as a cumulative average value when calculating community rankings and tiers in order to recognize more contribution points for participants who staked earlier and longer.
        • P-NFT Referral Sale
          • For every referral sale, a 10% boost is applied to the source P-NFT’s reward, which means up to 6,000 CPs are additionally acquired. This is available for the first public sale of 1000 P-NFTs and may be applied for future releases. 
  • 2022 | Q4 – Official Release
    • Platform Service Usage (starting November 23, 2022)
      • When using Iskra’s native platform services (Swap, Bridge, Marketplace, etc.), CP is earned in proportion to the service fee paid.
        • 1 CP granted when paying service fee equivalent to 1 ISK value.
        • ISK value is calculated based on Coinmarketcap price at the time of payment.
    • Iskra Governance (To be updated)
      • Governance Staking
        • You will 1 CP per 1 sISK(staked ISK).
        • CPs earned through governance staking are calculated as a cumulative average value when calculating community rankings and tiers in order to recognize more contribution points for participants who staked earlier and longer.
  • CPs are valid from the start of the season to the end of the season, and the ranking is reset when the new season starts.
    • CP accumulated before the release of the Community Ranking System will be used for the initial Community Tier calculation and applied before the first season. Users will start with their first tier as determined by the CP they accumulated before the official season started.

Community Ranking System

  • 2023 | Q3 – Community Ranking
    • In each season, the ranking from the first place to the last place is calculated according to the accumulated CP of all Iskra members. The calculated Community Ranking is used for the Community Tier.
    • The first season will start on July 1, 2023 and the first Community Ranking is calculated based on the first season’s tier. To illustrate, the first season’s tier will be based on the CPs accumulated before July 1, 2023, the second season’s tier will be based on the CPs accumulated during the first season, and so on. You can keep earning CPs through the season. 
    • At the official start of the first season, everyone will have a ranking and tier based on the CPs they accumulated starting from November 23, 2022 when earning CPs from different Iskra services like Swap, Bridge, etc. was enabled.
  • 2023 | Q3 – Community Tier
    • All community members are assigned a Community Tier from Diamond to Bronze according to the Community Ranking at the end of each season.
    • The first season starts on July 1, 2023, and the first Community Tier is calculated based on the CP accumulated before the start of the first season.
    • Community Tier is granted at the start of the season and lasts until the end of each season (6 months).
  • 2023 | Q3 – Tier Up Ticket
    • All Iskra members are offered one chance to apply for a Tier Up Ticket per day.
    • Each season, tickets equal to 10% of each Gold, Silver, and Bronze Tier are generated.
    • Members who win a Tier Up Ticket will be promoted immediately and enjoy the benefits of the higher tier.

Community Rewards

  • 2023 | Q3 – Community Reward Pool
    • From the start to the end of each season, 60~80% of all tokens received as platform service fees are allocated as a resource for community rewards.
    • The first season will start on July 1, 2023, and the first community reward pool will be allocated from platform service fees received from July 1, 2023 until December 31, 2023..
  • 2023 | 3Q – Community Reward Distribution
    • Platform Fee Airdrop – Right after the end of each season, tokens received in the Community Reward Pool are airdropped to community members according to the community tier disclosed in the whitepaper. 
    • Game Asset Airdrop – Game studios may occasionally conduct Game Asset Airdrops for marketing purposes to the Iskra community, and more benefits are provided to high-tier community members.
    • Platform Service Privilege – Iskra’s native platform services guarantee more benefits to high-tier community members.

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