Top-Ranking Games dApp Iskra Joins Launch Builders to Deploy on Base Mainnet

DappRadar’s top-ranking Web3 game platform Iskra is one of the first major Asian and emerging Web3 gaming projects to build on Base, the new layer-2 incubated by Coinbase. The Iskra platform will be available on the Base mainnet. This opportunity extends the project’s reach from Asia and emerging markets into the United States and Europe.

Iskra’s South Korean-based games will be featured during the Onchain Summer festival, a lineup of on-chain activities during August curated by Base in collaboration with leading brands. Onchain Summer will bring users a new on-chain activity every day, spanning the best of on-chain gaming, art and music.

Iskra’s Clashmon Collectible RPG offers its first minting opportunity on the Base mainnet during Onchain Summer prior to its launch in September.

How Iskra Will Champion Global Web3 Gaming

By deploying its platform on Base, Iskra will be able to bring the best of its games to Coinbase’s millions of verified users globally, who can be easily onboarded to the network.

Ben Colayco, Iskra’s chief business officer, said:

“We couldn’t be more excited to build on the Base mainnet from its early stages. We consider this a tremendous opportunity for Iskra to introduce its games to Western markets like the U.S. and Europe. We are committed to demonstrating the value of Web3 games through digital ownership and high-quality experiences.”

Iskra is currently focusing on Asian and Southeast Asian markets as well as South America. While the company is based in Singapore, it has branch offices in South Korea and Vietnam, with staff based in the U.S., Philippines and Thailand. Leading global Web3 game guild YGG Philippines and leading South American game publishing company Level Up! Brasil are a couple of Iskra’s strategic partners in building and sustaining its local communities.

What Iskra Brings to the Table

Iskra is a Web3 gaming platform that has been audited by leading smart contract auditor Certik, and founded by a team of IT and gaming veterans from firms such as TencentLINE, NHN, Netmarble and Nexon as well as Web3 pioneers such as LINE BlockchainKRUST/KlaytnIconloop, and WEMIX.

Iskra entered the Web3 space in 2022, securing $40 million from its seed-funding round, and diligently focused on shipping products and services on a regular basis.

Iskra has three onboarded games that are supported by Web3 services such as a wallet, launchpad, market, DEX and Mission Card Collectible NFT system. The platform plans on announcing up to four more games by the end of 2023. Iskra is consistently ranked at the top of Dapp Radar, seeing a 30-day UAW (Unique Active Wallets) of over 300,000. The Iskra community consists of over 200,000 followers across Discord and Twitter. Read Iskra’s white paper to discover deeper insights about the platform design and the tokenomics of its native ISK token.

Jesse Pollak, creator of Base and head of protocols at Coinbase, predicts:

“Onchain gaming will be one of the key verticals bringing the next billion users onchain. We’re super excited to work with global leaders like Iskra to deliver Base users a diverse, high-quality gaming experience.”

Why Base Is the Right Place for Iskra

Base is an EVM-equivalent layer-2 network that utilizes Optimism’s open-source public good OP Stack, which potentially makes it one of the most secure and scalable EVM L2’s in the market.

As an Ethereum L2, transactions on Base cost roughly 10 times less than those on the mainnet while still taking advantage of Ethereum’s security.

The Base team has firmly stated that it is positioning itself to bring in “the next million builders and billion users onchain.” Iskra’s deployment on Base falls perfectly in line with this vision by accelerating the adoption of onchain gaming.

Builders on Base also have the benefit of leveraging Coinbase’s developer tools to make building on Base as easy as possible, while gaining reach to Coinbase users that can’t be found anywhere else in the Web3 space. Base builders can also gain early access to Ethereum features such as Account Abstraction, APIs allowing gasless transactions and others.

Ben Colayco, Iskra’s chief business officer, said:

“We believe that onboarding the next generation of Web3 users will be driven by games. These games need to be accessible and demonstrate the true value of digital ownership. Iskra plans to do this by directly supporting not only localized content but through meaningful outreach to local communities on a global scale.”

The article originally appeared on Cointelegraph. Read the full article here.

About Iskra

Iskra is an all-in-one web3 game platform that offers the latest in web3 games along with blockchain services that include a wallet, DEX, market, governance staking/voting, Mission Card NFT system, and launchpad.

Its unique community system allows the platform to reward both players and developers up to 100% of platform fees, based on their participation. Contribution Points (CP) are awarded based on activities such as running a network node (Pioneer NFT), using platform services or playing games. CP determines your ranking, which leads to increased benefits and rewards.

Backed by some of the biggest technology and video game companies in South Korea, Iskra ranks at the top of games dApp rankings for unique active wallets and engagement.

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